Spurs await next foe, rest up and recouperate

The San Antonio Spurs are sure of one thing, June 6th they will be playing someone out of the Eastern Conference for a shot at the Larry O’Brien Trophy and that is a good ten days of rest for one of the older teams of the NBA.

“Is it 10 days, really?” Duncan said when asked whether the layoff and rest are worth the rust the team will accumulate. “It’s both. What are you gonna say? It’s both. We’re going to be a little rusty starting the first game. It’s just how it is. We’re going to figure out how to practice and stay sharp. But, bottom line, we’re going to be a little rusty.”

In the East, the Indiana Pacers have taken a (some would say surprising) 2-2 tie going into game 5. The Spurs hope it goes all seven for wear and tear on the both teams yes, but it will also give them time to study both teams flaws and figure out how to exploit those flaws.

Tickets for the NBA Finals will be on sale soon.

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