Wrestler’s barbs body-slam the Spurs’ early playoff exit

First Jerry Lawler, then some loud-mouthed manager can’t wait to pile-drive the Silver and Black.

It seems that the Spurs and their quick exit in the playoffs are becoming an easy joke — even for those in professional wrestling.

During a taping of the WWE matches Monday night at the ATT Center, the Spurs’ loss in the Memphis series was afor some of the heels as they taunted local fans.

Take this exchange from Alex Riley, who told booing fans that they’ve underestimated the wrestler The Miz from the start of his wrestling career (hat tip ).

“Well, you people also said the Spurs (NBA team) were also going to make it out of the first round and we all know what happened with that,” Riley said.

If he was trying to incite the passion of the local crowd, it worked. Fans responded with a “You suck” chant that reverberated across the facility like Kobe Bryant, Jason Terry or Joey Crawford were there.

Maybe those soothsayers who claim the world will be ending on Saturday might be right.

After all, who would have thought that the most exciting event taking place at the ATT Center in mid-May would involve oily, pumped-up wrestlers rather than NBA playoff action.

What is the world coming to?

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