TP set for his own French cartoon series

It’s been a busy off-season for Tony Parker.

First, there were all those nasty trade rumors. But after getting a chance to get back to France, he’s been participating in some non-playing pursuits.

His recent commercial for Body Axe spray where he plays God in ais getting heavy play back in his home country. (Hat tip Project

And he’s also announced he will be a part of a new French basketball-themed cartoon called The show follows a group of young basketball players who travel the United States with Parker taking on rival teams.

During his recent trip to France, Parker appeared on French TV show “High 5″ and debuted the first scenes of his show. Here’s a .

I know a little bit about cartoons from my own recent fatherhood with my boy. Parker’s show looks a lot like the “Scooby Doo” shows my son likes with Parker in the starring role and plenty of basketball thrown in for good measure.  

But I especially liked !” After checking the set design and some of his co-stars, French television looks a lot like a Saturday Night Live sketch.

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