TP, Neal among the NBA’s non-dunkers

Tony Parker gets as many layups as almost any player in the NBA.

Despite all those trips  at the rim, the Spurs’ 6-foot-2 point guard was among a group of NBA players without a dunk  last season.

The Warriors-themed blog Golden State of Mind went through all of the NBA’s play by plays from last  season to collect information about .  It had several Spurs among the top and bottom in those categories.

Parker was second in the league behind Leandro Barbosa among players with the most layup attempts per 100 possessions. Parker attempted 9.23 layups per 100 possessions and hit an astounding 65.78 percent of them to lead all guards in field-goal layup percentage.

But Parker also was among 30 players who never made a dunk shot last season. Gary Neal also made that list. It was a predictable  type of  small players, but also included some surprises like Rip Hamilton and DeShawn Stevenson.

No Spurs ranked among the NBA’s top 30 dunkers. That list was topped by DeAndre Jordan (4.45 dunk attempts per 100 possessions), Dwight Howard (4.21), Blake Griffin (4.04), JaVale McGee (3.82) and Tyson Chandler (3.48).

Among other Spurs, DeJuan Blair was 13th in layups (7.87 per 100 possessions). Matt Bonner ranked seventh from the bottom in layups at 222nd in the league (0.95).

Blair was also eighth in tip-in attempts (1.38 per 100 possessions), but he also converted only 43.48 percent which ranked among the lower totals in the league. Marcus Camby led the league in tip-in attempts (2.01 per 100 possessions).

No Spurs ranked among the top 25 in hook shot attempts, which was led by Andrew Bogut (7.93 per 100 possessions).

It’s an interesting list that breaks down shooting attempts in an understandable manner, providing a clearer picture of some of the league’s rim-rattlers and hook shooters.

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