TP’s monster game vs. OKC ranks among NBA’s best this season

Tony Parker’s big game Saturday still resonates even 36 hours after it was produced.

Parker erupted for  a season-high 42 points and nine assists to lead the Spurs’ 107-96 victory over Oklahoma City. In the process, it enabled Parker to be included among a handful of the very best all-around games in the NBA so far this season.

The must-read web site compiles a game score for each player and each game under a formula developed  by’s John Hollinger. It’s a convoluted formula ( for those interested) that takes into account all aspects of a player’s statistical performance.

Parker’s game against Oklahoma City ranked as the third-best in the league this season, trailing only Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant.

Here’s a list of the top individual single-game performers according to their Hollinger game scores.

Dwight Howard, Orlando — 41.3 — 45 points, 23 rebounds, three assists, four steals, two blocks in the Magic’s 117-109 victory over Golden State (Jan. 12).

Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers — 36.9 — 48 points, five rebounds, three assists, three steals in Lakers’ 99-83 victory over Phoenix (Jan. 10).

Tony Parker, San Antonio — 36.4 — 42 points, three rebounds, nine assists, two steals, one block in the Spurs’ 107-96 victory over Oklahoma City (Feb. 4). 

John Wall, Washington — 35.5 — 38 points, six rebounds, eight assists, four steals, one block in the Wizards’ 114-106 loss to Houston (Jan. 16).   

LeBron James, Miami — 34.1 — 37 points, 10 rebounds, six assists, two steals, two blocks in Heat’s 105-94 victory at Dallas. (Dec. 25).

LeBron James, Miami — 33.8 — 33 points, eight rebounds, 13 assists, two steals in the Heat’s 118-83 victory over Indiana (Jan. 4).

Deron Williams, New Jersey — 33.6 — 35 points, two rebounds, 14 assists in the Nets’ 110-103 victory at Phoenix (Jan. 13).

LeBron James, Miami — 33.2 — 35 points, six rebounds, seven assists, three steals, two blocks in the Heat’s 96-95 victory at Charlotte (Dec. 28).

Stephen Curry, Golden State — 32.8 — 32 points, six rebounds, seven assists, four steals in the Warriors’ 101-93 victory over Portland (Jan. 25).

Derrick Rose, Chicago — 32.6 — 29 points, eight rebounds, 16 assists, one steal in the Bulls’ 114-101 victory at the Los Angeles Clippers (Dec. 30). 

Paul George, Indiana — 32.6 — 30 points, nine rebounds, five assists, five steals, one block in the Pacers’ 98-87 victory at Dallas. (Feb. 3).

Greg Monroe, Detroit  — 32.5 — 32 points, 16 rebounds, two assists, two steals, one block in the Pistons’ 102-93 loss at Milwaukee (Jan. 12). 

Paul Pierce, Boston — 32.1 — 34 points, eight rebounds, 10 assists, three steals in the Celtics’ 100-94 victory at Washington (Jan. 22).

Anthony Morrow, New Jersey — 32.0 — 42 points, four rebounds, two assists in the Nets’ 108-105 loss to Minnesota (Feb. 3)

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