TD vs Joey Crawford ranked as one of NBA’s top 5 historical feuds

It wouldn’t seem likely for normally mild-mannered Tim Duncan to make a list chronicling the NBA’s top feuds.

But my blog brothers at have ranked Duncan’s disagreements over the years with NBA referee Joey Crawford rank among the .

That’s right. Up there with Kobe Bryant vs. Shaquille O’Neal. Reggie Miller vs. Spike Lee. And even Wilt Chamberlain vs. Bill Russell.

Here’s what Mancave had have to say about Duncan’s previous squabbles with Crawford, which culminated in their legendary disagreement in a game against Dallas on April 15, 2007.

Probably the least-expected feud of all time involves giant teddy bear Tim Duncan and controversial veteran referee Joey Crawford. Joey has been known for some pretty ridiculous calls—sometimes calling fouls on people that he committed. But at the top of the list has to be slapping two technicals on Tim Duncan within two minutes …  for laughing on the bench. Crawford was fined, but Duncan had to pony up $25,000 as well. Some choice words he had for Joey as he left the court were caught on camera.”

It still rankles Spurs fans to see Crawford on the sidelines.

And guess what. I’m sure it doesn’t make Duncan any happier to see Crawford demonstratively making his calls in Spurs games, either.

There are other great historic feuds involving the Spurs. From Rich Jones against all of his old teammates back in the day to Karl Malone vs. David Robinson. Manu Ginobili vs. Tony Allen has the makings for some future antipathy as well.

I’m curious Spurs Nation. What is your favorite feud involving the Spurs and an opposing player over the years? And give a reason or two why it’s your favorite.

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