Stephen Jackson’s radio interview is actually…pretty good

You know that saying about what happens when you assume? Being a certain part of the anatomy and all of that?

Such was the case earlier today, after glossing over the link to Stephen Jackson interview’s with Power 105.1 on Twitter. My reasoning: Do I really need to waste 12 minutes of my life listening to Stak 5 elaborate on his burgeoning rap career? No, I absolutely, positively do not.

So imagine my surprise to see an item from ESPN’s Henry Abbott later in the day raving about how great it was. And he’s right. Even the hip-hop stuff was good, during which he talked about his offseason habits (“I ain’t worked out my whole career”) and slammed Tony Parker’s skillsbehind the mic (“Wack. Terrible. Horrible. And it was in French.”)

Other interesting tidbits:

* Ron Artest, er, Metta World Peace, never thanked Jackson for getting his back during the Malice in the Palace.

* How Jackson stuck to his guns in regards to a prenuptial agreement.

* He was defending teammates (again) when he fired shots outside the Club Rio strip club in Indy.

All in all, a good listen. Say anything you want about Jackson, but the man is brutally — and refreshingly — honest.

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