Spurs links: Could TP fill the Lakers’ biggest need?

I couldn’t send Spurs Nation off to bed tonight without a bedtime snack of a few Spurs-related newspaper links from around the nation from the last several days.


Maybe these reminders of  your favorite team will get you through the angst of watching Dallas tonight in the Western Conference finals.

  • Veteran Los Angeles Times NBA reporter Mark Heisler explains why to the Los Angeles Lakers.
  • John Smallwood of the Philadelphia Daily News writes how weird the 2011 playoffs are .
  • Memphis Commercial Appeal editor Chris Peck writes about what the Grizzlies’ victory over the Spurs .
  • Kevin Modesti writes in a front-page story in the Daily News of Los Angeles why Los Angeles fans aren’tas Spurs fans are missing their team in the playoffs.
  • Mike Wise of the Washington Post compared the Spurs’ 2011 playoff performance to for the New York Mets late in his career.
  • Tom Oates of the Wisconsin State Journal in Madison opines about the in a Spurs-less conference finals.
  • Old pal Herb Gould of the Chicago Sun-Times writes why a Chicago loss to Miami like the Spurs’ loss to Memphis or the Lakers being ousted by Dallas.
  • Drummer and San Antonio native Dave Vela of the gospel faith band Abandon tells the Houston Chronicle’s Kent Matthews .

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