Spurs 50-win streak ranks as NBA’s longest

Several e-mailers were interested in where the Spurs’ streak of 50-win seasons, mentioned in a post yesterday, ranks among teams and current streaks in the NBA.

The Spurs’ current streak of 12 50-win seasons leads the nine NBA teams with a current 50-win season streak after last season.

Here’s a listing of the teams and their current 50-win season streaks.

San Antonio             12

Dallas                        11

Boston                         4

Denver                        4

L.A. Lakers                 4

Orlando                       4

Oklahoma City           2

Chicago                        1

Miami                          1

Chicago is the only team in the league that appears to be able to stretch its current streak with the compacted 66-game season caused by the lockout. The Bulls’ .768 winning percentage prorates to 50.688 wins over 66 games.

The current winning percentages of the rest of the teams in the league won’t reach 50 victories if they play at their current pace.

The Spurs will have to win 12 of their final 14 games to reach 50. And with the playoffs approaching, it’s not a feat that Coach Gregg Popovich will be very interested in extending compared to getting his team ready for the NBA’s second season.

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