Rondo enjoying his extended vacation from NBA

Rajon Rondo’s season was cut short last season with a gruesome dislocated left elbow sustained during the Celtics’ playoff series loss to Miami.

The lockout has that he believes will have him readyto return to the Celtics’ lineup once the lockout ends.

“This has been the best summer of my life, really,’’Rondo told the Boston Globe. ”Lockout or not, I’m still going to enjoy my life and do what I do best.’’

Rondo told the Globe he’s not considering playing overseas and will be ready once play begins.

“I hope there’s a season,’’ he said. “I’m looking forward to it and everyone around the league is, even the fans.

“It’s just an extended vacation as far as trying to continue to train and get better. It’s more time for me to work on my game, and that’s how I try to face it in the next couple of weeks or months or whatever we have.

“Right now my focus is to play with the Celtics.’’

The break is coming at a good time for Rondo. And it’s obvious that he can afford an extended work stoppage much more than most workers at the TD Garden who are dealing with fewer work opportunities with the lockout.

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