Pop says he doesn’t care what TP says about Spurs

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has some interesting comments about Tony Parker’s recent criticism to the French media about the team’s chances of winning a championship with its current roster. 

Popovich told KMOL-TV sports director Don Harris that he doesn’t think much about Parker’s thoughts about his team’s composition.

“You think I care what Tony Parker says?” Popovich told Harris in the snippet from the interview, which is available. “You think Tony Parker is gonna coach when he quits? Why would I listen to Tony Parker?”

When reminded by Harris that Parker already owns a team in France, Popovich went further.

“He can own but he can’t coach,” Popovich said. “Get your –– out there and play, Tony. Tie the score. But talk about basketball, I don’t need Tony for that.”

Popovich was chuckling when he answered the question, but his sentiments are pretty clear by his direct, unflinching response to Harris’ question.

Harris talked to Popovich about a number of topics. The rest of the interview will air tonight on his 10 p.m. newscast. 

For Spurs Nation, it might be worth it to pull yourself away from the NBA Finals for a few minutes Thursday night to catch what Popovich has to say.

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