Motivational speaker advises NBA rookies to turn in their “playa cards”

There probably isn’t a man alive who hasn’t fantasized about the extracurricular opportunities available to professional athletes. But according to reformed player/motivational speaker , having an abundance of sexual partners isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

That was his message in a recent presentation to about 60 players at the recent NBA Rookie Transition program. And shockingly, as , many were receptive of his message of monogamy.

Tweeted Phoenix Suns rookie Kendall Marshall: “I’m turnin my playa card in.”

Gaskins, now a life coach and published author, speaks from hard-earned experience, according to Abbott.

Gaskins knows from his own life, and from his clients, all about the unhealthy dynamic between male athletes and the women who hang around stadiums and hotel lobbies. And he had stories, thick with sexually transmitted diseases, women who cheat more than men, and clever schemes to get their hands on players’ money and more.

“The mindset with a lot of guys,” Gaskins says, “is I’m the man, I make all the money, she knows I’m going to cheat and that’s that.”

What that scheme ignores, Gaskins says, is that things inevitably get complicated: “If she’s letting you cheat, nine times out of ten she’s cheating too. You’re out of town and she’s spending your money on another man, who is scheming to take her from you.”

Gaskins knows this story, because it happened to him in college.

Gaskins, 28, eventually got kicked off his college football teams and sold drugs for a spell before reinventing himself as a relationship expert. His main advice to pro athletes: Skip the booty calls, focus on maintaining a strong relationship with the one you loved before hitting the lottery, and avoid the humiliation of having an ex show up on Basketball Wives.

In other words, ask yourself, “What would Tim Duncan do?”

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