Manu makes new Bugs Bunny cartoon

Manu Ginobili has earned a passel of awards during his illustrious basketball career.

He’s won three NBA championships, a gold medal for Argentina at the 2004 Olympics and been named a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF.

He’s been featured in commercials for H-E-B — who can forget Mt. Manu? — and pitched for cable television and hospitals. There was even the celebrated bat-catching incident at the ATT Center against Sacramento on Halloween Night 2009.

But Ginobili has received one of the unique honors of his career with his inclusion in a recent Looney Tunes commercial. During the episode, Lola Bunny speaks of her love for Ginobili at the 4:04 mark of this You Tube video (Hat tip: ).

Can Manu get any bigger than this?

Here’s a look at the You Tube video of Manu’s mention.

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