Manu and his family — 14 years ago

Spurs Nation feels like it has watched Manu Ginobili age before their eyes.

Ginobili had just turned 25 when he arrived with the Spurs in 2002.

Now, nine years later, we’ve seen him get married. The Ginobilis have twin boys. He’s headed into the twilight of his basketball career assuredly among the most popular players in the history of the franchise with three NBA championship rings in tow.

There’s there’s still a fascination of glimpses of the young Ginobili. From watching the flickering internet images of his career with Kinder Bologna and Viola Reggio Calabria in Italy to his time with Estudiantes de Bahia Blanc and Andino Sport Club in Argentina, Manu’s past is of prime interest to Spurs fans. 

So a picture he released on his Twitter page today of  him and his family taken 14 years ago shows a Ginobili unknown in San Antonio.

There’s a distinct resemblance between Ginobili, his brothers Leandro and Sebastian and his father Jorge.

It’s like a royal basketball family for all of San Antonio.

Even Ginobili as a 20-year-old, wearing a Hard Rock t-shirt and sporting a necklace as all of his family pose below a basketball hoop.

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