Long story short: A buzz cut for Manu

There’s a video up on YouTube – tip of the hat to our friends at Pounding the Rock for pointing us to the video that was posted by one of their contributors – that features some from Argentina’s friendly game against Venezuela as both teams prepare for the FIBA Americas pre-Olympic qualifying tournament.

Two things struck me about the video: First, Manu’s to-the-basket game looks to be in mid-season form; second, he’s getting closer and closer to what some of us call a great haircut.

In short, Manu is rocking a buzz cut. The effect of the cut minimizes that bald spot that has continued to creep in all directions from the crown of the Spurs guard’s head for the last few years.

Having long ago given in to the misfortune of disappearing hairlines and adopted the totally bald look, I heartily endorse Manu’s new cut.

From a basketball standpoint, the video shows that Manu has lost none of his touch off the glass with his left hand and none of the fire that makes him the Spurs’ emotional leader. After one hard foul by a Venezuelan player, he goes nose to nose with him, then has a long discussion with a referee.

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