Kirilenko’s injury should scare on-the-fence players

As Manu Ginobili, Matt Bonner and Gary Neal mull playing overseas during the NBA lockout, I suggest they watch .

I’m not trying to come off like a driver’s education instructor here. But Andrei Kirilenko’s scary head injury while playing for CSKA Moscow last week should be a reminder that those extra paychecks overseas still come with a potential price.

Kirilenko received a broken nose, head laceration and concussion as he scrambled for a loose ball. Obviously, that injury could have happened anywhere, but sitting home on his couch seems to be the better option to me.

Of particular note are the primitive conditions that go with Kirilenko’s treatment. I guess they don’t have sterile gloves for trainers in the Russian league, either.

Here’s a You Tube video of the play of Kirilenko’s injury.

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