Joseph, Leonard have big shoes to fill with their new Spurs uniform numbers

As part of  their introduction at the start of their press conference Saturday afternoon, first-round draft picks Kawhi Leonard and Cory Joseph showed off their new uniforms with the Spurs.

Both will be filling strong legacies with their uniforms as Leonard will wear No. 2 and Joseph will wear No. 5.  The jersey numbers have been worn by popular players in the past.

Here’s a look at the uniform history number of those who wore their number with the Spurs before them.

No. 2

Linton Townes       1985

Reggie Williams     1990

Larry Smith             1992-93

Moses Malone        1994

Jaren Jackson        1997-2001

Mark Bryant            2001-02

Nazr Mohammed  2005-06

Melvin Ely                2007

Marcus Williams    2009

Garrett Temple       2010

No. 5

Billy Paultz                 1975-80, 1983

Donald Royal            1991-92

Sam Mack                   1992-93 

Dell Demps                 1995-96

Derrick Dial                2000-01

Charles Smith            2001-02

Anthony Goldwire   2002

Robert Horry             2003-08

Ime Udoka                  2007-09, 2010-11

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