Joseph drawing compliments in Canada

With Manu Ginobili playing for Argentina, Tony Parker for France and , first-round pick Cory Joseph has been the forgotten Spurs player in this summer’s round of international competition.

Drafted 29th by the Spurs in June, the newly turned 20-year-old Cory Joseph is drawing good reviews from his Canadian teammates since joining the team late last month. Joseph, a point guard and Toronto native, has impressed with his approach and work ethic,

“I’ve been most impressed with his attitude, not having a sense of entitlement (from being a first round selection),” Canadian forward Levon Kendall told the newspaper. “He understands guys have been here (a while), he’s got to prove himself before he gets that respect. He has to earn it to a certain extent so that’s what I’ve been most surprised (about). It’s nice to see that.”

No doubt that attitude will serve Joseph well once he’s finally able to join the Spurs, who — you might have heard — feature a few players even more accomplished than the Canadian national team.

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