Is ‘Big Shot Bob’ really one of the 10 most overrated players in NBA history?

Robert Horry’s accomplishments in basketball should be clear any time he visits his safe deposit box.

When Horry gazes at his seven championship rings — two from Houston, three from the Los Angeles Lakers and two from the Spurs — his value as a key player on those NBA title teams should be indisputable.

Apparently, however, Horry isn’t to the bloggers over at the Bleacher Report.

Horry is ranked y in a fancy video production.

“Seven titles and clutch playoff shots make you accomplished,” the Bleacher Report video presentation said. “But let’s not put Horry on too much of a pedestal. He played with Hakeem, Shaq, Kobe and Duncan. He had help.”

Some of  their rationalization about Horry is true, but Horry never was presumed to be the best player on any of his championship teams. Instead, he was one of the most valuable role players in NBA history. He provided clutch shooting, defense, rebounding and passing to all of those championship teams. It’s no coincidence that he has as many championship rings as he does.

Instead of calling him one of the NBA’s most overrated players, I think a better case can be made for a spot in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame one day. Horry’s unique talents and championship-caliber play makes him a better fit in the Hall than on the NBA’s overrated list.

For debate, here are the Bleacher Report’s top 10 most overrated players in history. Some of the players deserve their rankings.

Horry, however, doesn’t.

1. LeBron James.

2. Carmelo Anthony

3. Amar’e Stoudemire  

4. Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway

5. Steve Francis

6. Stephon Marbury

7. Derek Fisher 

8. Robert Horry

9. Patrick Ewing

10. Bill Laimbeer  

How about it Spurs Nation? Do you agree with the list?

Who would you add to it? And which players merit their inclusion?

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