Fox Tech grad takes anger out on innocent backboard

Tales of Fox Tech grad Ivan Johnson’s inner rage have already become legendary after just one NBA season with the Atlanta Hawks. They include:

* , when the 2002 Express-News All-Area selection was known as Ivan Johnson.

* A string of anger-related incidents culminating in a .

* last season for refusing to give up his seat on the bench to a veteran teammate.

* A $25,000 fine for during last year’s playoffs.

Those are just the highlights. Johnson added another one on Monday, shattering a backboard during Atlanta’s practice at Butler University. Teammates were awed by Johnson’s feat — not just because it reportedly takes to shatter a modern backboard, but because practice was subsequently cancelled.

After fighting so hard to reach the NBA last season as a 27-year-old rookie, Johnson was understandably nonplussed by his show of strength:

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