Fisher’s text reportedly implores players to prepare for lockout end

After intensified negotiations last week between NBA commissioner David Stern and the players’ union, another sign could be indicating we are pointing to a settlement of the lockout soon.

The immenently plugged-in Sam Amick of reported over the weekend that one league source claims that union president Derek Fisher indicating that some progress had been made and imploring them to be physically prepared just in case the season started on time.

And’s Chris Broussard reported that NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver — commonly thought to be the second-most important negotiator for the ownership group behind Stern — with Wasserman Media Group CEO Casey Wasserman.

In addition to being one of the top agencies representing players in the NBA, the Wasserman Media Group relies heavily on an agent who has been known to be more pushy than the rest during a lockout landscape.

Arn Tellem – who represents a league-leading 34 NBA players, including 10 All-Stars — drew the ire of commissioner Stern and NBPA executive director Billy Hunter during the 1998-99 lockout for taking a more extreme position than most of his colleagues.

Tellem hasn’t changed much since then and is said to be a big supporter of decertification.

So if there has been progress made in negotiations, a high-ranking official like Silver checking in with one of the staunchest potential impediments certainly is interesting.

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