Disgraced NBA ref Donaghy plans life as tout

After serving prison time for gambling on the NBA and receiving treatment for pathological gambling, it would seem that former NBA referee Tim Donaghy would steer away from wagering after his incarceration.

But Donaghy, 44, is planning to help others win big after his probation ends.

Television station WTSP of Tampa reports that Donaghy is after an expected windfall from his tell-all expose “Personal Fouls” never materialized.

Donaghy told the television station he hasn’t seen a cent of profit from that book in a legal spat with the publisher.

After getting out of prison, Donaghy said he sent out hundreds of resumes with hope of obtaining a job. The only one that materialized was from Danny Berrelli, whose makes picks on his gambling website .

Donaghy underwent court-mandated treatment for his addiction to gambling after his prison term. And he told the television station he’s trying to stay straight after his release.

“It’s different (than what I was convicted for) because I’m not placing bets now,” Donaghy said.  “I realize in the past that I couldn’t gamble responsibly.  It’s something that caused a lot of damage in my life and the lives of my daughters. So, it’s something I’m not going to go back to.”

He initially made picks in games for Berrelli and had a strong record in the NBA last  season. But after some pressure from his probation officer, he now merely advises Berrelli on his predictions.

It’s a little surprising that Donaghy is back in the wagering business. But he claims he had no other viable offers to make enough to feed his family, which includes four daughters who are 15, 13, 12 and 9 years old.

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