Arenas hopes to block former girlfriend from VH1′s ‘Basketball Wives’

Orlando guard Gilbert Arenas is determined that his former live-in girlfriend Laura Govan won’t be able to air her secrets of her relationship on VH1′s reality series “Basketball Wives.”

Arenas has filed a motion seeking an injunction against the television series, hoping to keep his former fiance Laura Govan off the series in the upcoming season. Govan is the mother of four of Arenas’ children.

With less than a month before the show’s Aug. 29 premier, Arenas  is to keep Govan off the show, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

He joins some pretty select company. Chris Bosh already has sued the makers of the show and Dwight Howard and Shaquille O’Neal have threatened litigation. 

Govan likely has some juicy gossip about her former partner. It will be interesting if she ever has a chance to dish any of  it if she can appear in the show’s fourth season.

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